Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sketchpad, A Man-Machine Graphical Communication System

Quoted from the video descrption on youtube :

This video is a TV show made about the software Ivan Sutherland
developed in his 1963 thesis at MIT's Lincoln Labs, "Sketchpad, A
Man-Machine Graphical Communication System", described as one of the
most influential computer programs ever written. This work was seminal
in Human-Computer Interaction, Graphics and Graphical User Interfaces
(GUIs), Computer Aided Design (CAD), and contraint/object-oriented
programming. While watching this video, remember that the TX-2
computer (built circa 1958) on which the software ran was built from
discrete transistors (not integrated circuits -it was room-sized) and
contained just 64K of 36-bit words (~272k bytes).

[ To learn more about the TX-2 check out the Resource Page on Early
HCI Research by the Lincoln Lab TX-2 Group :
http://www.billbuxton.com/Lincoln.html ]

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