Monday, March 15, 2010

Sony Ericsson: How to Get the Service Menu (when telephone is locked)

I've updated my w880i using Sony Ericsson Update Service program, which is supposed to load the latest firmware on the telephone. After the update, the telephone is locked, displaying "Insert correct SIM" or, in French "Insérer carte SIM correcte".

Before you call Sony (I'am now waiting for them to call me back, maybe they'll do in 300 years), here is an useful hint : by pressing the following sequence : Right, Star, Left, Left, Star, Left, Star you can access the "Service" menu, which has some valuable information.

It seems that the usual tool available out there (Setool Lite or XS++) do NOT work if the CID is set to 53 (which is the case after the update, of course).

Good luck.

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