Saturday, November 7, 2009

The class on prophecy has been canceled

That's a big LOL.

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  1. Funny sign. In fact, I suspect that whoever put it up was trying to be funny.

    There is a lot of interest in prophecy these days, but as I point out in my blog, the TV programs, movies, and books about end-time disasters are mostly focusing on entertaining people, not educating people about read Bible prophecy.

  2. ... except that telling people to read the bible is not what I would call 'educating' them.

  3. I typed a typo. I meant to say, "not educating people about 'real' (not 'read') Bible prophecy.

    However, if people check up on the Bible, they can prove it is inspired by God, and if they read the bible with a willingness to believe what God says, they will receive a better education than they can from any college or university.

    The Bible is true and gives answers that make sense out of the world we live in.

  4. It's like with maths... if you divide by zero, the results can be anything. So, if you beleive in god at first, then, yes, you can beleive what's written in the bible, and in many other things, like heaven, angels, hell, etc.