Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pipes, or visual programming by Yahoo! (grippe A, H1N1 keyword search for example)

This is what I'am doing since yesterday: building Pipes. Not pipes, Pipes, like Yahoo! Pipes.

Yahoo Pipes is some kind of visual programming: you select a source (a webpage, a RSS feed, etc.) and you massage it through a pipe made of processing steps. For example you can take two google News feeds, the one from (French Canadian, health) and (French, health) and compare the number of occurence of the word "H1N1", or "grippe" (flu in French) and create a new feed as output.

The program looks like that:

And it can be executed, cloned, modified as you want. Remember that the output is an RSS feed, not a plain nicely formatted web page ;-)

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