Saturday, October 31, 2009

Action Required. Response to the Rise Of Atheism Convention DDoS attack

Action Required. Response to the Rise Of Atheism Convention DDoS attack.

By Dan Kerr

Here’s your chance to help spread the word about the ‘Rise Of Atheism Convention’ using a little cheeky humour.

Please join this Facebook group, and list yourself down as attending this Facebook event.

As you may already be aware, recently the Atheist Foundation of Australia and the Global Atheist Convention websites were the target of a significant DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, which began on Monday 19 October.

This is a call to all non-​​believers and advocates for freedom of speech to join us in a global co-​​ordinated minute of prayer with the aim of inundating God (in this context, the Christian god, God, as distinct from the Greek god, Zeus, the Egyptian god, Ra etc etc) with so many useless prayers that it causes his divineness to go offline as as result of our own DDoS (‘Divine’ Denial of Service).

The prayer minute will be at exactly 8pm (Eastern Standard Time) and 9am (Greenwich Mean Time) on Sunday 8 November 2009.

The prayer can be about anything you want (but say it as frequently as possible in the minute we have assigned to ensure DDoS is achieved) or to whomever god you want. Its mostly directed at the Christian god so as to ensure we don’t get too many return to senders from other gods.

Do what you can to spread the word and lets get the numbers up to HUGE levels. Its your chance to further the cause of freethought, free speech and freedom from religion. Don’t forget to link to the convention website– http://​atheistconvention​.org​.au

Also ensure you add your links to the comments so more people see it.  

Get to it soldiers  ;)


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