Sunday, September 20, 2009

TDL Studio 0.75M

I had a NAD poweramp. I'm now using a Quad 405 poweramp, which is much better than the NAD. I don't think the NAD was suited the TDLs that well. My Quad 405 has had modifications done to it also, the Quad 405 is very good at producing dynamics and volts. So it's a powerful amp, it managed to push a pair of ATC SCM19 speakers with great results. I do have another Quad 405 as I was normally bridging into 200w, but now i'm just using one Quad 405 for the time being.

Shane (UK)

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  1. I also noticed that NAD amps are a remarkably poor match with any TL speaker. I am too fond of my NAD amp to try a TDL speaker though.