Saturday, September 19, 2009

Google Gmail hack: how to go to the first mail when the "oldest" link doesn't show

You can follow the following easy 3 steps procedure to move to the first (oldest) email.

When you do a search on Gmail, on the result page, there is no "Oldest" link, only "Older" which allows you to move back one page.

Notice the link at the top of you browser after you have move backwards a few times:

The past part, eg. "/p3" stands for "page 3", which means that you can actually move to any other page number, by modifying the address. Let's put 999 (or any big number):

And press the ENTER key of the keyboard. Now, gmail will complain that it has nothing to display, but, hey, there is a "Refresh" button down there!

After refreshing the page, gmail will display the first emails:

(this is actually page 223!).

So, here are the steps again:
  1. Display older message by pressing "Older" until the address ends with /p<digit>
  2. Change the number after the /p to something large, like /p999, press the [ENTER] key
  3. Press the "Refresh" link.

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