Saturday, September 19, 2009

Building Rome in a Day

This is more than a hack, this is probably the future of 3D imaging. The idea is simple: grab all the pictures available on Flick tagged "Rome", and use them to build a new 3D movies of the city. Clever idea, and probably some clever programming behind too, but which need some processing power.

If you're able to design virtual movie characters, as in Pixar movies for example, you can make them move in the real city, and that could be very nice! 
Visit and don't forget that this is preliminary data. The high definition movies are more impressive than the one on youtube though.

You can also give a try to the Photo Tourism website, based on the same concept (Java is needed). It's easy to use, just select some area, and wait a few seconds until the photograph loads. Then you can either step back to see a larger view, or select another area (in the picture).

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