Sunday, September 27, 2009

A common mistake.

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svalilsja_v_propast.flv (1913 KB)

No comment.

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Pictures of our beautiful world :P

Some pictures from here and there (thanks Liam) (he didn't find the red hair one though) (:-])

Guitar heroes

Guitar Heroes, Al Di MeolaJohn McLaughlin and Paco de Lucía play a tune that contributed to the success of their 1980 famous concert and record "Friday Night in San Francisco".

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Où ? DTC !

Pourquoi cela me fait toujours autant rigoler ?

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Honda new bike

Isn't it even better in Japanese?
Is it the utimate gadget for the lazy?

What are our legs for?

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Video surveillance system that reasons like a human brain" (sic)


The Next Generation of Video Analytics Software

The AISight™ Cognitive Video Analytics™ software takes visual input from either a live camera or recorded video, learns what activities and behaviors are normal, and generates real-time alerts that notify appropriate security personnel of potentially threatening behaviors. Unlike rules-based video-analytics software, the intelligent AISight solution identifies threats and behaviors that were not previously defined or anticipated, and it does so with fewer false positives. In test after test, AISight has achieved a false-positive rate and overall accuracy previously unseen in the video-analytics industry.

If you dig a little bit more, you'll find these precise explanations on how the program works:

Cognitive Video Analytics Learns Just Like You and Me

As mentioned, the use of vision analytics algorithms in the area of video surveillance is not new and using the concepts around the cognitive sciences (the study of how the human brain functions) in the development of technology has been applied in many different applications and industries. However, creating an interconnection between vision analytics and a system that emulates the cognitive process, utilizing various machine intelligence and machine-learning technologies, represents a breakthrough for the video surveillance industry. A cognitive-based video analytics system is not only equipped with the ability to “see” better but also to “learn,” “remember,” and “make observations” much like a human brain. A cognitive-based video analytics system constructs its own understanding of the world it is observing by evaluating the patterns of activity for any given environment over time. A "mental model" is then created for each scene to make sense of observed activities. Learning is achieved by continuing to adjust the mental models to interpret and alert on new activities as they occur, within the context of previous activities. Thus, a cognitive-based system creates an understanding of what is seen through a camera’s field of view and establishes what it determines to be normal for any given environment. It is therefore able to alert on activity it determines to be abnormal.

Question: what will happen to the program if you give it the following videos as input? Will it start "laughing" and die (crash)?

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A personal HPC computer with 80 cores? SGI's Octane revival

This is what Sillicon Graphics (SGI) call their new baby, the Octane III. For those who do or do not remember, the Octane looked like that:

And was powered by a MIPS RISC microprocessor, R10000, R12000 or R14000@600 Mhz for the latest models.

Now, the new Octane-III is powered by a bunch of Intel XEON 5500 processors, running at some extravagant speed. But I guess those processors are not cheap, and the new baby has a lot of sockets ready for them:

Here is how it looks like:


For pricing, more info, etc., please visit SGI's website.

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How to check if Posterous Autopost worked, and manually force it if not.

Sometime Posterous fails at autoposting your post to, for example, Facebook. Actually it seems that this happens a LOT these times.

To check and for the autopost, follow the following steps:

1. Go to your autopost page.
2. Click on the "Recent Activity" link on the selected service (Facebook for example).
If there is a problem, you'll see something like:

3. Click on the link next to the Failed word.
4. Move the mouse next to the title of your post, this will popup the options, the last one is "Autopost"

5. Clicking on Autopost will make another window to popup, from with you can select the service (Facebook, again, of course).

6. Click OK. The output will look like this:

You can either click View, or go back to the Autopost page and check the status of this manual/forced pushed:

If Posted is there, it means you succeeded!

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Graphique: Comparatif du prix des processeurs AMD vs. Intel

Graphique: Comparatif du prix des processeurs AMD vs. Intel, 4 coeurs, fréquence > 2,4 Ghz, prix < 300 euros.
Graph: price comparison of AMD vs Intel 4 cores processors, with clock > 2.4 Ghz and price < 200 euros.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

TDL Studio 0.75M

I had a NAD poweramp. I'm now using a Quad 405 poweramp, which is much better than the NAD. I don't think the NAD was suited the TDLs that well. My Quad 405 has had modifications done to it also, the Quad 405 is very good at producing dynamics and volts. So it's a powerful amp, it managed to push a pair of ATC SCM19 speakers with great results. I do have another Quad 405 as I was normally bridging into 200w, but now i'm just using one Quad 405 for the time being.

Shane (UK)

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Pr0n and science in the same movie!

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bestpr0n.wmv (3591 KB)

The movie is called "The 8th day". Maybe it's pr0n for nerds ?

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Burglar leaves his Facebook page on victim’s computer

Well, there is nothing else I can add, just read the full story.

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A pair of Celestion HF2000 tweeters

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House MD season 6, when will it be brodcasted in your country?

As we know it'll be broacasted live Monday September 21 at 8PM EST, just ask WolframAlpha what time it will be in your country by querying on the date, just click on this link: Here is the output for me:

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How to post here

On this blog you can:

1. Publish your stereo equipment pictures

Just attached the images to an email, and send it to: . Please add any relevant tags in the subject line, following that syntax: ((tags: tag1, tag2, ..., tagN)), for example: Subject: My loudspeakers ((tags: imf, RSPM IV, Finland)).

2. Publish your stereo equipment ad

Same as above: attach pictures to the email sent to Include an email address where you can be reached, and ((tags: forsale, IMF ALS40, London UK)) in the subject for example. You can then link to the ad after it has been published (the postings are moderated).

3. Publish a music track

If you think that some sound track is great for testing some feature of your stereo, tell why, and publish it! So anyone could buy the CD. Don't forget to include the MP3 file, and add the tag "sound" (same syntax as above: ((tags: sound)) in the subject line).

  • The picture gallery address is: (or pic, or pictures).
  • It doesn't matter how many pictures you send, but don't forget to attach them! A picture gallery will be automagically created.
  • It would be nice if everybody uses the same tags. For example, I suggest ((tags: brand, model, location)). "brand" and "model" could be a list, for example: ((tags: Quad, IMF, Quad 405, IMF RSPM, London UK)). The the "forsale" tag if needed.
  • The posts are moderated. Please be patient until I publish them.
  • Email me for any edit you want me to edit an entry (eg. change the forsale tag by sold).

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Building Rome in a Day

This is more than a hack, this is probably the future of 3D imaging. The idea is simple: grab all the pictures available on Flick tagged "Rome", and use them to build a new 3D movies of the city. Clever idea, and probably some clever programming behind too, but which need some processing power.

If you're able to design virtual movie characters, as in Pixar movies for example, you can make them move in the real city, and that could be very nice! 
Visit and don't forget that this is preliminary data. The high definition movies are more impressive than the one on youtube though.

You can also give a try to the Photo Tourism website, based on the same concept (Java is needed). It's easy to use, just select some area, and wait a few seconds until the photograph loads. Then you can either step back to see a larger view, or select another area (in the picture).

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Madredeus, Portuguese Fado

This is Madredeus, a Portuguese (Fado) guitar based band, and with the lovely voice of Teresa Salgueiro. This song is from the album Existir.
Great track to test imaging, high and low medium, and dynamics.

O Pastor by Madredeus  
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O Pastor.mp3 (6972 KB)

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Google Gmail hack: how to go to the first mail when the "oldest" link doesn't show

You can follow the following easy 3 steps procedure to move to the first (oldest) email.

When you do a search on Gmail, on the result page, there is no "Oldest" link, only "Older" which allows you to move back one page.

Notice the link at the top of you browser after you have move backwards a few times:

The past part, eg. "/p3" stands for "page 3", which means that you can actually move to any other page number, by modifying the address. Let's put 999 (or any big number):

And press the ENTER key of the keyboard. Now, gmail will complain that it has nothing to display, but, hey, there is a "Refresh" button down there!

After refreshing the page, gmail will display the first emails:

(this is actually page 223!).

So, here are the steps again:
  1. Display older message by pressing "Older" until the address ends with /p<digit>
  2. Change the number after the /p to something large, like /p999, press the [ENTER] key
  3. Press the "Refresh" link.

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